Sunday, April 19, 2015


It's been so long since my last post. I could explain at length why, but it's enough to say that the winter into spring has been challenging, busy, and at times, quite tough. But spring always makes me think things have to be looking up. This little photo is another welcome sign.

It's the redbud tree I planted in my yard back when I moved in. Since then, it grew bigger and taller, but never flowered. Not even once. This year, finally, a few lovely buds have emerged. I think I know why: last July, when Ryan visited with my parents (the last time I saw him), he pruned the tree for me, along with the little maple out front. I remember that day so clearly: how hard he worked, how determined he was to get it right, how glad I was that he was there to help.

Spring is a season of renewal, of life coming back. My brother is gone from this life, but in so many small ways, he's still here with us.