Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bought the BIG binder today...

And those who have been through the process might know just what buying that big binder means: I am beginning to assemble my portfolio for requesting tenure and promotion. I've been collecting the materials since the day I started at Shepherd and had to compile a (smaller) portfolio for third-year review, but there's something pretty cool about actually putting stuff into this one.

A night like tonight: cool and kind of rainy, with the Yankee game to watch in the background, is just perfect for portfolio assemblin'! 

And yeah, part of me still thinks, "But I'm like a kid. I can't be ready for tenure yet!" I've got lots of time to get used to the idea...and worry about it...and hope for the best. My portfolio is due in mid-October, but I won't get an official answer until April.